Contribute to the richness of your sea!

Everybody knows about the beautiful coral reefs from the tropical seas, but reefs also belong in other cold seas. The main difference is that these reefs are mainly formed by shellfish. Shellfish reefs are nurseries and safe resting areas for various fish species. The reefs provide support for many animals and plants. They even ensure better water quality since they filter the water!

By building this reef, you create a shellfish home! Shellfish need other shells to settle on, to create a reef. After the reef has formed, many other inhabitants will follow!

Your reef gives shellfish a place to settle, grow and eventually they will provide a home for other species like fish!

Did you know?

It is estimated that around 85% of the natural flat oyster reefs have been lost in contrast with 1883.

The driving factors behind the decrease of flat oyster populations is the increase in fishery and the skills that came with it. Take for instance bottom trawling; large heavy nets which are dragged over the seafloor, very efficient for fisheries. It generates large quantities of products in one go, but it also destroys everything else on the floor. This method destroyed many reefs, leaving a flat seafloor behind. On top of these anthropogenic factors, the flat oysters faced a difficult time. A parasite, Bonamia Ostrea, affected the populations as well. All these factors combined result in the global loss of 85% of flat oyster reefs.

With this loss, a lot of important functions are lost as well. They provide food and shelter for many animals. Besides, oysters filter the water.

An adult oyster filters a bathtub of water every day!

How do you contribute to shellfish reef restoration?

With the BESE-tiny reefs you will contribute to large-scale restoration of oyster reefs in your seas! The packages contain biodegradable products in combination with oyster shells. The shells and BESE-reef paste attract new oyster larvae to settle down and form a new reef. Enough reasons to use your creative skills to make your own contribution to oyster reef restoration!

All these tiny reefs combined will form large reefs to restore the biodiversity in your seas!

How to order?

If you’re determined to contribute to the restoration of oyster reefs, you should fill in the firm below including your company's name and the amount of participants who would like to join!