Biodegradable fastening materials

Products to fasten BESE- gabions, mesh bags and elements.

To make sure the BESE-products are fastened correctly and to not use any non-biodegradable materials with fastening the BESE-products, we offer several fastening options. All options are mainly made of potato starch and are biodegradable (Vincotte OK compost certificate). The rope and cable ties last a short period (maximum 2 moths) and the ankers last up to 6 months. About the biodegradation is it important to mention: as long as the the products stay dry they can last years. But as soon as they become wet they start to degrade.

Our cable ties are not 100% biobased but do contain a minimum of 50 % plant-based biopolymers. The cable ties can be ordered in different dimensions: 150/26mm, 210/34mm, 300/46mm and 365/76mm.

At the moment, the materials are mainly used to fasten the BESE-products together or to the bottem in the set-up stage, in low dynamic conditions. If the location is exposed to waves or currents it is best to use wooden poles or rebar sticks to fasten the BESE-products to the ground. The rope, ankers and cable ties are perfect for low dynamic, ponds, lakes and riverbanks.


If you have any questions, would like to meet us or are interested in purchasing BESE-products, please get in touch.