During the construction of a new riverbank, soil erosion often occurs before vegetation can re-establish. This erosion amplifies the requirement for additional soil and results in an undesirable accumulation of nutrients in the water.


Mitigate soil erosion by implementing stabilization measures or employing small breakwaters.


In a pilot project aimed at stabilizing the riverbank, three layers of BESE-elements were utilized to counter both soil instability and wave energy. These elements provide a foundation for vegetation growth, like reed, which can anchor into the BESE-elements, ensuring future soil stabilization. Over time, as the BESE-elements decompose, they leave behind a fortified soil bed intertwined with established vegetation.

The trial area was realized through the collaboration of Beens Groep and Hakkers BV, commissioned by the Province of Noord-Holland.


In total 50 meter of riverbank was stabilized using BESE-elements
Before placement of BESE-elements, the riverbank was cleared of vegetation and leveled
Before situation of the riverbank
BESE-elements were fastened with rebar
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