The project: Western Scheldt, Hansweert, Netherlands

At a jetty construction project contractors were looking for a way to enhance nature on site, to mitigate negative effects of the contruction project.

Solutions: Enhancing oyster settlement and life in the sludge

A sludgy area between two future jetties has become a popular area for foraging birds. 
However, the area is not as rich in life as it can be due to the hydrodynamics and high amount of sludge. With some hard substrate withing the sludgy area the local hydrodynamics and oxygen conditions can be changed to improve life in the sludge.

Design: BESE-elements and our latest product, the BESE-reef paste brick.

BESE-elements were placed in the sludge and on top of the sludge. Samples were taken from these locations and from control locations to monitor if the BESE-elements improve life in the sludge.

BESE-reef paste is a highly attractive material for oyster larvae to settle on. For this project BESE-reef paste bricks (claystones covered in BESE-reef paste) were placed around the stone jetty to provide substrate for oyster settlement.



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