The project: Caboolture River, Australia

The Caboolture River, Queensland – Australia- celebrated the launch of a novel $8 million reach-scale project which is set to have a big impact and will tackle erosion, nutrients, and create resilience in the local environs against disaster-scale flooding.

It will contribute to Unitywater’s sustainability goal of achieving net zero nutrients diverted to waterways by 2050. And is lead by long-term partner Healthy Land & Water in collaboration with Traditional Owners and other long-time stakeholders.

 Solutions: implementing cutting-edge nature-based technology

Unitywater in Australia chose to be ahead of the problem with a nature inclusive program. “The program’s inception is based on Healthy Land & Water’s concept plans and designs proposing stabilisation works across multiple sites along the tidal reaches of the Caboolture River. This program will contribute to protecting the health of the Caboolture River with actions that will reduce threats to the environment, enhance biodiversity and build flood resilience.

For this project BESE-elements will be used. “They are perfect to retain plant seeds (propagules), support the colonisation and growth of saltmarsh plants and mangroves, restore marine ecosystems like shellfish reefs, and trap sediment that can flow in the waterways, purifying the water.
Once established, the mangroves provide a structure on their own, and the grids break down leaving behind the re-established ecosystem.”

Design: BESE-elements for mangrove propagules

"We will take the mesh sheets and clip two layers together, then we will scatter mangrove propagules on them and clip a third layer on top of the seeds to retain them within the structure. As shown in the diagram below, the structures (grey line) will then be secured on the riverbank, along with coir logs to prevent them from being washed away by tides and boat wash."

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