In 2019 we were able to commence a start-up company that is working on ecosystem restoration products. The goal is to aid restoration of ecosystems worldwide through knowledge transfer, the application of new innovative technical solutions and to achieve successful restoration without the use of permanent artificial materials such as plastic.

We now have projects on 4 continents in 11 ecosystems and we are learning that the challenge to help nature restoration with the help of nature itself is a way forward that will pay off. BESE director Wouter Lengkeek “Our inspiration when working with our biodegradable products? Engaging people. A great way of reaching the restoration goal, generating new ideas and transfer knowledge all at the same time.

2019 was an eventful year for our company, but also for ecosystem restoration. A continuous flow of worrying facts about nature and climate changes reached the media. Good news too: the UN declared 2021-2030 the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. This gives us even more reason to work harder for a sustainable future in 2020!

Watch our BESE company movie here


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