San Fransisco Bay Oyster Reef Restoration

The Wild Oyster Project has started to restore native oyster reefs in San Francisco Bay without the use of plastics. They use our BESE-mesh and fill it with oyster shells from restaurants. 
By using BESE-mesh and oysters in an artificial reef they create a living shoreline element. Which grows and filters the water, while protecting the shore. A beautiful alternative to a static seawall.
This project is part of the Heron's Head project, which aims to restore 100,000 acres of tidal wetland in San Francisco.

Learn more about this project here

North sea, offshore, Oyster Reef Restoration

5 Milion oyster larvae on oyster shells have been deployed by Ark and Ørsted to kickstart oyster reef recovery in the North Sea. To keep the oyster shells together and protect against predation our orange BESE-mesh was used. BESE-mesh is a biopolymer net which biodegrades after 10 - 20 years. Replacing the use of plastics.

Check out the project set-up in this video here.


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