Part of the city centre in Delft (the Netherlands) was recently redesigned, which resulted in the creation of straight stony canals, unfortunately without plants or sediment.

Using BESE-elements we now carry out a small-scale pilot to see if we can grow shore- and waterplants in this canal. We do this toghether with the waterboard Hoogheemraadschap Delfland and with the municipality Delft. We first planted the different species of plants in the BESE-elements in a shallow bassin at Helkantplant and here they grew for a month. Then, at the 24th of April we placed the planted BESE-sheets in the canal. Now we have to wait to see the results at the end of the summer!


Addition: 2 pictures are added of the situation in September. One structure is overgrown by plants and unfortunately are the plants in the other structure eaten by birds. This pilot shows that the addition of a cage can be very useful in case there is not enough food for birds in the neighborhood.


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